We all know how to market our customers websites and how to increase our client’s rankings but trying to sell search engine optimization can be difficult. Forget about selling it but how about explaining seo, that’s even harder. To this day many seo companies and marketing companies seem to struggle explaining seo and how it can help increase sales. We have provided a custom cartoon animation video with script to help explain that process. These explainer videos on your website not only keep visitors on your website but they help with your rankings with lower bounce rates and higher conversions. Not to mention this video will make you look much better then your competition. Call Explain It Videos today at 714-404-8025 or contact us.

Animated SEO Video Examples:


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How it Works:

Send us your logo, script and company name and that’s it. We will create a high end animated explainer video for a third of the cost. We provide the voice over, music and story.

If you would like to add a custom script or custom video please give us a call at 714-404-8025 or contact us.


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